2017 program, with video links

Friday, June 16, 2017

Session 1a

  • Joshua Rust (Associate Professor, Stetson University)

Real Social Kinds and the Continuity Between Institutional Statuses and Technical Artifacts

  • Jules Salomone (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Grades of Realism in Social Ontology

Session 1b

  • Larry Busk, (Graduate Student, University of Oregon)

Islands of Freedom and Seas of Necessity: Arendt’s Disjunctive Political Ontology

  • Timothy Rutzou (Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale)

After Naturalism:Social Ontology and the Contingent Ground of Value

Session 2a

  • Andrew Payne (Associate Professor, Saint Joseph’s University)

Apology, Shared Action and the Limits of Intention

  • Kevin Schilbrack (Professor, Appalachian State University)

Religion as Joint Commitment

Session 2b

  • Ángeles Eraña (Investigador Titular A, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

A World in Which Many Worlds Fit?

  • Jesse Winter (Graduate Student, American University)

Mirrors in the Sky:The Crisis of Identity in Drone Warfare

Session 3a

  • Arto Laitinen (Professor, University of Tempere) - via Skype

Four Conceptions of Social Pathology

  • Robert Lawrence (Lecturer, Mars Hill University)

Revolution and Pathology in Non-Atomistic Social Ontology

Session 3b

  • Kate Phelan (Academic, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Social Construction and the Possibility of Emancipation

  • Filipa Melo Lopes (Graduate Student University of Michigan)

Misogyny and (Post-)Feminist Backlash

Session 4a

  • Tina Fernades Botts (Assistant Professor, California State University, Fresno)

"The Ontology of Group Rights"

  • Matthew Shields (Graduate Student, Georgetown University)

The Pragmatics of Changing the Social World

Session 4b

  • Michael Gregory (Graduate Student, University of South Carolina)

Quine, Forms of Life and the Ontological Foundation of Holism

  • Kevin Houser (Teaching Fellow, Case Western Reserve University)

Reasons as Alienated Social Relations

  • Laura Martin (Graduate Student, Columbia University)

"The Social Ontology of Systemic Injustice"

Saturday, June 17, 2017


  • Vanessa Wills (Assistant Professor, George Washington University)

Individual Action, Social Emergence and ‘the Laws of History’: On the Collective as a Limit and Condition for Freedom

  • Patrick Murray/Jeanne Schuler (Professor, Creighton University/Associate Professor, Creighton University)

The Commodity Spectrum: Simple Commodities, Commodities That Are Commodity Capital, Ex-Commodities, Potential Commodities, Quasi-Commodities

Session 2

  • Brian Epstein (Associate Professor, Tufts University)

Why the Grounding and Anchoring Projects in Social Ontology Are Distinct

  • Ruth Groff (Associate Professor, Saint Louis University)

Are Social Structures (a)Entities (b)Properties (c)Essences (d)Other?

Session 3

  • Kate Ritchie (Assistant Professor, City College of New York, CUNY)

Social Structures and the Ontology of Social Groups

  • Italo Testa (Professor, Università di Parma)

Habit and Critical Social Ontology

Session 4

  • Sally Haslanger (Professor, MIT)

Against Individualism, Yet Again!

  • Doug Porpora (Professor, Drexel)

Are Parameters Causes?

  • Charlotte Witt (Professor, University of New Hampshire)

"Voluntarism About Gender"

  • Q&A

Haslanger, Porpora, Witt Q&A